Why You should Consider Buying a Hand Dryer for Your Business

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Business

The condition of a public restroom can have a direct impact on how a business is judged and perceived. There is no question that hand dryers have been available for a number of years; however, the significant benefits they offer to the environment and society as a whole are just starting to gain public recognition. Some of the benefits for business owners who decide to buy hand dryer and have it installed are highlighted here.


Hand dryers offer a savings of 90 percent over paper towels. The energy that is required to operate the dryer is less than 10 percent of the total cost of paper towels, which includes the labor costs associated with disposing of, collecting, refilling, storing and ordering paper towels.

Good for the Environment

One a bigger scale, the world is quickly approaching a level when environmental considerations are not just a matter of choice. With a large number of natural occurring resources already gone, adopting greener options for your business is the responsible thing to do. Hand dryers do not deplete forests, do not cause any pollution and require a very small amount of energy to run.

While paper towels can be made from recycled materials, they are not able to be recycled. This is why it is important to use them when possible in order to reduce waste in landfills.

Simple Maintenance

The fact is that hand dryers are always on and always ready to dry hands, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and with the elimination of towel dispensers, you will no longer have to replace or refill anything. Additionally, you do not have to worry about paper waste piling up in restrooms. This can help you create a more sanitary restroom environment on a number of levels.

Increased Hygiene

When hand dryers are installed in the restroom, they will help to keep the space much more sanitary. Touch free hand dryers eliminate the need for custodial staff to have to pick up used, bacteria laden paper towels. This can significantly reduce the chance for spreading diseases and germs.

If you own a business, making a move to automatic hand dryers is in your best interest. There are a number of benefits offered by making this move, including being more affordable, being more sanitary and offering an environmentally friendly option. Chances are your customers will thank you for this change, as well as your staff.

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