Three Projects That Require Knowledge of Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Biz Exclusive

Large scale building projects require a large amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure every facet of the job is completed according to code. Mechanical engineers are an integral part of these projects and provide support with the most daunting aspects of any commercial building plan or development. While there are many types of projects a mechanical engineer can assist with; the following are the most critical aspects of any building project.

Be sure to find a qualified and experienced engineer to help ensure a major construction project is completed without a hitch.

Electrical System Design

Designing and implementing an electrical system requires an extensive knowledge of Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN. An engineer will be able to design a control panel that can withstand the energy usage required for all of the equipment that will be placed in the structure and can also develop backup power systems in the event of a power failure. Improper planning of the electrical system can lead to major equipment problems and hamper productivity.

Plumbing System Design

It is also crucial to design a plumbing system that is ready for anything and equipped with sanitary sewer systems and hot and cold water systems that can meet the demands associated with typical use. A mechanical engineer will be able to make recommendations for proper placement of water lines and pressure tanks to ensure a reliable stream of water is always available, and that waste water can be dealt with in an efficient manner that doesn’t create issues in the future.

Alternative Energy Systems

More and more companies are concerned with their energy usage and developing ways to combat ever increasing energy costs.

A professional with knowledge of Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN will be able to incorporate solar and geothermal energy sources to help provide a never ending stream of renewable energy to the structure. Many facility owners find this cuts monthly expenses and pays for itself one to two years after implementation.Starting a construction project without expert technical assistance can be disastrous. Contact Campbell & Associates Inc today and learn more about the services and support they provide for any type or size construction project. They can help any contractor design and complete a project that will meet the required specifications, and ensure the finished project is ready for use.

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