Versatility and Sustainability with Wagtail

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Cleaning Supplies Store

Cleaning your home or office isn’t easy if you don’t have the appropriate tools. Most people use spray cleaning supplies and a damp cloth to get the job done. When cleaning windows, it may be more suitable to use a squeegee. Wagtail is one of the heading products on the market right now because it is designed for you. This innovative tool pivots completely to revolutionise the way you clean your home. Learning more about this brand ensures that you choose the right tools for your next cleaning job.


With other squeegees, you have to twist and turn the wrist to get the tool to go the way you desire, but Wagtail is different. Its ergonomic design allows for free pivoting from the head. The handle can stay in the same position and give your wrist a break while the squeegee head pivots all around as needed to remove water from the windows completely.

It’s also lightweight, which means it’s suitable for the longest of cleaning jobs. Your arms won’t tire before you’re finished, giving you the benefit of getting all the work done in one go.


Most people consider squeegees for windows, but they’re also ideal for a variety of other places. For example, you can use them on mirrors, shower walls, countertops, and much more. They also come in a variety of handle sizes and head sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. You’ll no longer have to climb a ladder to get to the topmost part of the window or mirror.


Being eco-friendly is one of the things most businesses strive for because the environment is a hot-button topic right now. You can assure your customers and potential customers that you use no cleaning solutions with a Wagtail squeegee. It is designed to be streak-free without special cleaning products!

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