Cleaning Made Easy with Ettore: Products

by | May 4, 2019 | Cleaning Supplies Store

Do you know what you are doing when cleaning windows indoors and outside? If you are a professional cleaner, then Ettore products are for you. Use the right products to ensure windows are not damaged further in the cleaning process. Save time and money with each product. You can build your one-stop shop of window cleaning necessities. If you are a regular homeowner, get the professional results you want for a fraction of the cost.

Ettore has the most diverse packages for window cleaning available. Every item you could possibly need is within your grasp when you see its products. This includes different size buckets, bucket sieves, scrapers, single and double holsters, and pouches, multiple handlebar options, poles, microfiber sleeves, and so much more. The squeegees and channels are available in aluminium, steel, and brass variations. There are also specialised kits available that are comprised of different capacity buckets, scrubbers, a dry towel, a wet towel, different size squeegees, and the recommended cleaning solution. If you are unable to choose a kit based on your needs, you can customise your own with individual products from the extensive ranges. The brand provides cobweb brushes, fan brushes, and dusters for fan cleaning, in addition to floor mops, and multi-surface microfiber pads, which can be used with the mops as well.

You can find these phenomenal products that provide professional results at World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies. It is dedicated to providing the best window cleaning products available, which is why it provides Ettore. It only stocks the best quality products for professional and regular usage. It stocks all manner of accessories for each product, as well as compatible selections from similar brands. Visit the website to find out more about the products and possible combinations to create your perfect diversified window cleaning kit.

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