Step Up Your Cider

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

Hard cider made from supermarket juice can be a tasty blast shared with friends, but if you want to step up your cider into something more, then it’s time to look at better equipment than a glass carboy and an airlock. Making cider starts with – hello – crushing apples. If you don’t currently have a cider press, you can buy your cider fresh from a farm or co-op that does. Alternatively, you can buy a press and a mix of apples. It’s messy, but fun, and you get a lot of delicious sweet cider for mulling or making into boiled cider.

Oak and Steel

Oak wine barrels impart a dry and almost toasty flavor to your favorite white wines, and will to your cider. You’ll need to cure the barrel before pouring anything into it, and only about 25-50 percent of your cider needs to age in oak. For the rest of it, you’re going to need a good stainless steel fermenting kettle. Often, this is a large stockpot with a valve – preferably one you can unship, disassemble, and clean completely. If it’s not a three-piece, then you can buy one in 304SS or 316SS from any reputable stainless steel ball valves supplier. Let’s face it, liquids are heavy, and even a “small” five gallon vessel can weigh a lot. It’s easier to use a valve to drain off your finished product.

It’s Not the Size

A superior grade of equipment and attention to detail will result in a superior hard cider, sweet and crisp, lightly effervescent, and a serious accomplishment. If you have a choice between a larger but less well-made vessel, and a smaller but better quality vessel for a similar price, then go for the quality. Check out a stainless steel ball valves supplier, and pick the best they have to offer in replacement valves, too.

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