What To Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Biz Exclusive

Currently, the interest in wood-fired food is growing. The wood fired oven is becoming a popular functional addition to many back yards, decks and landscapes. However, before you dash out to become part of this trend, you have to consider various factors. While Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Oliver and other celebrities may boast about their ovens, you have to make certain the one you choose is the right model for you and your purpose.

Factors to Consider

The market currently offers a variety of commercial and residential outdoor ovens. In finding the right one, you need to look at several different factors. They range from the functional to the financial. The ones you need to consider foremost are:

  • The Location: Where do you plan to place it? Do you want to make it permanent or would you prefer to be able to move it around the yard or deck?
  • Purpose: How much food do you plan to cook? How many do you plan to serve? This will determine how large a hearth you require and, therefore, how big a model you need.
  • Construction Material: You have a choice of materials. These range from prefabricated refractory cement to more traditional clay and brick to steel.
  • Design: What style design are you considering? Ovens come in different shapes including domes and arches. These affect the overall capability of the oven to function and deliver the taste you expect
  • Finances: How big a budget do you have for this wood fired oven? No matter how tempting, try to stick to what you can afford.

Buying a Wood Fired Oven

Wood ovens are favored because they prepare high quality, delicious food quickly while retaining their nutritional value. Buying a wood fired oven may be your current goal. However, before you go ahead with the purchase, take a responsible approach. Be sure you know exactly what you need, what is available and what you can afford.

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