Some Documents Should Be Destroyed

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Business

There are certain documents a person will have in their lifetime that should not be put into a recycling bin. These documents relate mostly to things like financial information where if they ended up in the wrong person’s hands it could lead to problems.

What Types of Documents Should Be Shredded?

  • Bank statements
  • Tax documents
  • Credit card statements
  • Lease or Rental Agreements
  • Various monthly bills or statements of a financial nature

Be sure that you have no further use before having any document shredded as some you may want to keep for later reference. This is especially true in the case of tax documents and lease or rental agreements.

How to Get Your Paperwork Shredded

Document destruction in Dallas, TX area, is as easy as contacting a company that provides shredding services. When they are done shredding your documents, everything is recycled. It is a fast, affordable and eco-friendly way to get rid of old paperwork that you have laying around that you are not comfortable throwing into the recycling bin.

A Company You Can Call to Destroy Your Stuff

Action Shred of Texas has the reputation of being a company that can be trusted and will get the job done quickly and affordably. They provide business and home owners a way to destroy sensitive documents, so it eliminates the risk of identity or financial theft. Contact Action Shred of Texas today and know about their methods and what they can do for you to destroy your documents.

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