Should You Buy Used Turning Centers for a Milwaukee Business?

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Business

If you are involved in any industry or manufacturing process that requires the use of a lathe, you probably know all about CNC lathes as well as CNC turning centers. They are often mistaken for one another, but they are not precisely identical. For one thing, lathes are less complex and even simpler than turning centers. A turning center is a machine that combines drilling and milling and features a few spindles. As a multi-tasker, it is not unusual to find businesses seeking used turning centers in Milwaukee.

Used Rather Than New?

Naturally, you might ask “why?” used, and it makes sense. The simplest answer is the most obvious – the savings. New and complex CNC machines are always going to be very pricey and lose value almost as soon as they are purchased and first used. However, the advanced engineering and design capabilities of today’s manufacturers means that even a turning center with a few years of use is a good deal. The key when buying any used CNC machinery, including turning centers, is to find a firm that offers you certified used products to guarantee function, performance, and capability.

The Machines Themselves

With its ability to turn on both an X and Y axis, the turning center brings a lot of design and machining advantages, and yet you have to do the research to determine which machine is best for your needs. This is easily answered by posing a few simple questions. What are you making or machining with the turning center? What is your production demand or needed capacity? What materials are you using? What configuration is needed? For example, are you going to need horizontal or vertical turning? Do you want gang or turret tooling in your unit? Will you need live tooling capabilities? How much automation do you require? And lastly, what is the budget for the used machinery?

Used Turning Centers Milwaukee

Whether you require facing, threading, knurling, drilling, boring, reaming, taper turning or other tasks done with a turning center, you’ll want to work with a firm that ensures you get the machine best suited to the job and the budget. Once you understand your needs, you should be able to get in touch with a vendor that can steer you towards the best fit. At CC Machine Tools you’ll enjoy 25 years of expertise in this industry and find only the best pre-owned equipment for your CNC, machining or other manufacturing needs, including the latest in turning centers.

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