Seeking Lexmark Ink Cartridges in Oshkosh WI?

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Office Supplies

Replacing a printer’s ink cartridges can be an expensive, but a necessary evil. Replacement cartridges can be manufactured by the printer’s original equipment manufacturer or by a third-party. A printer’s manual will advise to always replace with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, as third-party solutions may not be of the highest quality, last as long, or even be recognized by the printer’s internal circuit board. Ink cartridges are often sold by the brand and by part number for compatibility with select printer models. Contact us for information on how to purchase Lexmark Ink Cartridges in Oshkosh WI.

When to Replace

How often a printer needs replacement cartridges will be determined based on use, the age of the cartridge, and whether the ink has dried out. Deskjet or inkjet printers have software that can alert an owner when it is time to replace the cartridge according to how much ink is left. A sure sign, of course, is when the ink comes out faded, with lines through it, or is not even visible on the page. Black and white cartridges often need to be replaced more frequently than color cartridges due to a higher degree of use.


It is advised that when it comes time to replace Lexmark Ink Cartridges in Oshkosh WI, printer owners check their printer manuals for guidance. Some brands and models will be okay with third-party replacements, which are often refurbished and cheaper. Other brands, however; require OEM parts or the printer will not accept the cartridges. Third-party replacement parts can also bleed ink, since the parts are refurbished and of lower quality. The owner’s manual will also provide direction on the cartridge part numbers, as some models will only take one type of replacement while others accept two or three different universal options.

Many considerations need to be taken into account when replacing a printer’s ink cartridges. Cost is one of those considerations and it is best to look at prices online as well as in stores. An important consideration is compatibility. While OEM parts are always preferred, certain printer makes and models will accept lower cost third-party options. Keep in mind that when choosing these options, there is a higher risk of cartridge failure and lower quality print jobs.

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