Understanding How Vineyards Work

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Vineyards are the lands that are cultivated for grapes, producing hundreds of acres of the fruit for the vineyard to make their wines from. The number of grapes that are grown at vineyards can vary by location, but it could take anywhere from 600 to 800 grapes to make one single bottle of wine.

Just one bottle of wine takes an enormous number of grapes, so imagine a vineyard producing enough grapes for 600 cases of wine. That could be as much as ten tons of grapes per acre of land, and the U.S. creates a little over 830 million gallons of wine alone. Grape vines can also be transplanted from a vineyard or grown from cuttings that produce two or three buds, of which you can continue the growing and farming of grapes from that small cutting alone.

The plus side about vineyards is that the grapes that are not taken for wine can be used to create raisins or grape juice to give the vineyard more opportunities to make money other than wine.

Vineyard Facts

It takes more than just planting a cutting of a grapevine to begin immediately growing grapes. Certain soils, regions, and weather can affect the taste of the wine that you eventually end up making out of the grapes. Vines grow better in warmer weather, and when in a more temperate climate are sweeter and make sweet tasting wines while if they grow in colder regions they will be much tarter in comparison. Grapes that are grown in sandy soils will end up with bolder flavors while loamy soils end up producing somewhat flavorless wine.

Grapes that end up not being used for wines and instead are sold as fruits are typically labeled as ‘Table Grapes’ and are different from the ones used for wines. They are often packed with more seeds and feature a softer, thinner skin. The science that comes with making wine is extreme, and the techniques are continually becoming more precise. Countries compete to show they have the best wines, with wine connoisseurs interested in what future wines will be made available.

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