Focus on Safety When Choosing Pet Boarding in Everett

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Animals

Browsing through the pages of Business Name, individuals begin to dream of their next vacation. On the other hand, they may remember that they have an out-of-state wedding to attend, and they need to find a place to board their pets. While pet owners have to weigh many factors in their decision, they absolutely must consider Pet Boarding in Everett. Checking into the safety and security of any facility on the Better Business Bureau’s website is a smart idea. For example, owners want to know what the outdoor spaces are like. Small or crafty pets could find ways to climb the fences or to crawl underneath them.

At many pet boarding facilities, the animals have play time with one another. However, a fight could lead to the injury or death of a pet, especially if animals of different sizes are allowed to play together. When researching Pet Boarding in Everett, owners should find out what the play groups are like and how the animals are placed into them. If tiny dogs are allowed in with big dogs, owners should consider a different option. Owners should also research what the safety is like in the individual kennels to ensure that their dogs and cats are secure.

Owners also must research the check-out process. They want to make sure that some random person cannot come in and check-out their pet. Some people prey on pets, and if the facility does not require proof of identity at pick-up, the life of the pets could be in danger. Asking about videos that allow the owners to see their pets when they are away is a smart idea too. Then, they can have a greater sense of assurance that their pets are safe while they are on their trips. A good way to get a sense of how safe a facility stems from a visit. Not only should people visit, but they should do so without notice. A facility that requires appointments to tour the grounds may very well be hiding information that they do not want the pet owners to know.

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