How to Get Your Puppy Ready for Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Animals

Having a dog is a big responsibility. On top of providing proper shelter, food, water, and medical needs, it’s also necessary to keep a dog well-groomed. The cleansing and hygienic processes involved with Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon can significantly lengthen a dog’s lifespan, help keep insect infestations from occurring, and reduce medical problems. The following tips can help get a puppy ready for this hygienic care.

To get your puppy ready for Business Name, first find a groomer you trust. Often, getting a few referrals from another pet owner can make it easier to find such a service provider. Before any grooming is done, let your puppy visit the facility in which the groomer works. The unfamiliar sights and sounds of a grooming facility can be scary to a puppy, especially when other animals are in the building. With permission from the groomer, let your puppy walk around the facility to become familiar with it. Dogs use their sense of smell to learn about their environment. It may help to place your puppy on the grooming table for a small period of time to get used to it. Let the groomer hold your pet and start to form a bond. Doing this will make it easier for your pet to receive grooming care.

To let your pet get used to the grooming tools that will be used, purchase a brush and other basic grooming tools. Make these a part of your puppy’s daily life. Set the tools next to his food dish or dog house. When your pet is in a good mood, start using a brush on him. Do this gently. When your pet seems fussy and hesitant, wait for another session to start brushing your dog again. Also, place your puppy on the floor and regularly give him massages. This will help keep him calm and get him used to be handled.

By using these two suggestions, a pet owner can show love and consideration for his pet’s needs. A puppy should be prepared before getting groomed. Doing this will enable the groomer to do the job more efficiently. It will also make the grooming experience more pleasant for your puppy. For information on dog grooming, please consult a specialist at Business Name. This pet facility can handle pampering for all breeds of dogs.

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