Fire Prevention Tips to Keep Your Louisville, KY, Small Business Safe

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Fire and Security

There are over 3,000 fires at businesses every year, according to the best available statistics, and they cause over $112 million in property damage. If you’re thinking of installing a fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, then you’re probably interested in not becoming part of this statistic. The following advice can help keep your employees and grounds safe.

Appoint a Safety Officer

Businesses of any size can benefit from appointing a fire safety officer, whether they’re a mom and pop operation or a mid-size firm. This person will be in charge of setting up a fire prevention plan, organizing escape routes, and conducting safety drills. The safety officer is also in charge of procuring and maintaining such equipment as the fire extinguishers and overhead sprinklers. They must make sure that the extinguishers are visible and regularly refilled at that the sprinklers are in good repair. They are also responsible for keeping the grounds up to code. If you do install a fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, the safety officer will be responsible for it.

Proper Storage

It’s essential for a small business to store materials properly, especially when the materials in question are flammable, such as paper or chemicals. Under no circumstances should combustible materials be stored near a furnace! It’s a good habit, in general, to keep mechanical and storage spaces separate.

Materials of any kind should never be stored in stairwells or hallways where they can obstruct possible fire escape routes. Cleanliness, in this instance, is vital to security, and it’s important to clean up trash or spills that present a fire hazard ASAP.

Healthy Routines

You’ll want to cultivate good habits like having the trash and recycling regularly hauled and regularly testing your alarms and sprinklers. Your safety officer should be working with your alarm vendor to make sure these systems are always ready for action.

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