Choosing the Best for Your Mixing Needs

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Business

There are seemingly a thousand types of mixers, each with their unique specifications, sizes, rotary types, and capabilities. To choose which is best for your company, factory, or business, you need to find the most knowledgeable supplier to help you parse through all the possibilities. The following is a brief guide of what to consider when searching, whether you’re looking for a food mixer or a rubber mixing mill.

What Do You Need the Mixer in?

Are you working in a small laboratory or in a large factory? If the former, you’ll want a lab mixer. These often work with small samples and chemicals to create cosmetics, specific flavorings, and adhesives. If the answer is the latter, you’ll need a production mixer. These can work with batches of material up to and above one hundred pounds.

What Kind of Mixing Do You Need?

There are multiple types of rotor technologies, especially when it comes to working with a rubber mixing mill. During the youth of the industry, tangential mixers were most popular. According to an article on Rubber World, tangential rotor mixers use the interaction of two or more rotor wings. On the other hand, intermeshing rotor mixers use connecting gears to drive major and minor rotors in a cross-sectional motion. Choosing between the two comes down to what kind of rubber you’re working with and which method you’re most familiar with.

Who Should Your Supplier Be?

Once you’ve decided what kind of mixer you want, or if you still aren’t sure, a good supplier can change the game. On top of keeping you informed about the proper specifications for your mixer, suppliers can help maintain your machine. According to FAS Sales, some spare parts include rotors, dust stop and seals, and thermocouples.

All of the above are important things to consider for your business, factory, or laboratory. Make an informed choice as to what works best for your needs!

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