Aluminum Boats: 4 Essential Things to Know

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Business

Aluminum boats are built lighter. That means they can run faster. They also require less fuel, making them an economical choice. If you’re checking out a good recreational craft, aluminum fishing boats in New Orleans is a good option to go for.

Watch out for corrosion

Given the many benefits to aluminum for a boatbuilding material, it’s not a surprise why a lot of owners pick it out. However, one thing you’ll need to watch out for is salt water corrosion. That’s why you’ll need to find ways to prevent that from happening.

Buy from a good dealer

A good dealer will do everything he can to prevent galvanic corrosion. When you check out aluminum fishing boats in New Orleans, make sure you carefully assess the condition of the boats in the inventory. Are they all in tip-top shape? That’s a good place to start.

Know what you can do

Once the boat is in your hands, you’ll need to find better ways to maintain it. You’ll want to be prepared for this by carefully choosing the model and brand you buy. Make sure you buy one that uses the right alloys and that comes with exceptional welding work and parts, The Boating Mag says. You’ll want to leave the boat up from the waterline free of any protective paints. That’s because aluminum works fine above the waterline. Constant exposure to oxygen generates a film of aluminum oxide that bonds to the metal. This effectively prevents further corrosion and damage.

Do repairs right away

When you find paint chips and scratches, have these repaired as soon as possible. This is especially true if the damage is severe enough to expose the bare metal underneath the layer of paint. This will keep your boat looking good as new for much, much longer.

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