Will You Lose All Your Friends When You Get Married?

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Business

You may not have considered this a possibility, but when you spend more time with the love of your life, the person you intend to marry, you may spend less time with the friends that are close to you. It is important to continue those friendships after you are married and premarital counselors will help guide both of you to focus on your friendship circle now and in the future.

Discuss the Situation with Your Friends

Although it may be obvious that you are going to spend more time with your new love, which leaves you with less time for your friends, having that discussion with them will help them understand that you have acknowledged there may be some changes in priorities, but they will always be your friends.

Your premarital counselors will help you learn new skills which will help you keep in touch with your friends regularly, although you may not spend as much physical time with them, as you did before you met your new love. This may mean a combination of upgrading your social media skills or just sending simple text messages from time to time so that you can ensure that the other person does not feel forgotten.

One of the major points in any relationship is to focus on others and not just yourself. This is equally important as you build your relationship before getting married. Premarital counselors will help show you the emotional and physical changes that you’re going to go through during this process. Your friends will stay interested in your activities when you keep them as part of your life and do not accidentally cut them out for long periods of time.

Paying attention to other people is important and asking your friends what is happening in their life is just as vital to your relationship as informing them about your new activities daily.

Your therapist may help you understand new coping strategies to help you deal with the shifting and changing of your relationships with your loved one and your closest friends and how everyone may be involved in your future wherever possible.

Your professional therapist almost certainly entered their profession because they want to help people and their goal when they meet you is to help you find a way through any situations you need to discuss and teach you skills and provide tools, that can help you see difficulties before they arrive in the future and find a way through to a wonderful relationship.

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