What You should expect from your med waste management company

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Waste Management Service

Med waste management in Jupiter, and other cities around the country, is more than just disposing of waste – it’s an entire management program that all of your facility staff and waste company staff should practice on a daily basis. Whether you operate a funeral home or a hospital, medical and biohazard waste needs to be dealt with differently than regular waste. Here are some things you should expect from your waste disposal company to help your facility deal with med waste:

*Pickup service: Your waste management company should provide you with regularly scheduled pickup service so that you can get rid of the waste as quickly and efficiently as possible. They should also provide this service at times that are convenient for you, not them.

*OSHA Compliance training: Some waste companies, such as 360 Medical Waste Solutions, offer online training for your staff in order to become OSHA compliant. The trainings include HazCom, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens.

*Med waste reduction program: Most waste companies are not interested in helping you cut down on your waste, because they would end up with less revenue; with companies like 360, they can advise you on how to implement strategies to help cut down on med waste, saving you money.

*Compliance review: Your med waste company should provide you with a (free) compliance review to make sure that your facility is in compliance with your state’s rules and regulations.

360 Med Waste can meet all of your needs and more when it comes to professional med waste management in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. They have years of experience and an excellent reputation in the industry.

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