What to Consider With Kitchen Lighting

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Business

Kitchens are often viewed as one of the main hubs of a home. They are the place where families gather together the most, even if it’s just for a meal. Its importance in a home means that choosing elements of it, like lighting, can be incredibly important. Choosing kitchen lighting for Monterey homes is no different. Here are some of the elements that need to be considered when it comes to kitchen lighting.


The popularity of a home’s kitchen means that it goes through a lot of wear and tear. Many people usually take that into consideration for things like appliances and counters, but they often forget about their lighting fixtures. There can be build-up of residues and steam from cooking on the surfaces of a kitchen, which can wear or warp the exterior of a light fixture over time. A light fixture should be able to handle the elements of wherever it is placed, but those in the kitchen should be a little bit tougher than those in the living room.


Kitchen lighting’s main purpose is to illuminate a home’s kitchen so that things done in the space—usually involving knifes, fire, etc.—can be done safely. However, the fixtures themselves should also be safe. Most kitchen lighting comes in the form of lights set into the ceiling, under upper cabinets, and hanging pendant lights. Lighting being placed under upper cabinets should be designed for such a location, as those lights are most likely to come in direct contact with people, food, and other items that can be easily affected by overheated lights. Pendant lights, which usually hang over seating areas, can also pose a safety issue if they hang too low as people may accidently hit—or be hit—by them.


Homeowners looking at kitchen lighting in Monterey need to address the intended function of their lighting choices just as they would for any other room in their house. The lighting options that are chosen need to accomplish what they are needed for. If it’s to illuminate the entire kitchen, then it needs to be strong enough to do so. If it’s just for the kitchen table or an island counter, then it needs to be able to work with that amount of area.


Appearance is rather important when it comes to lighting. People design their kitchens with some kind of aesthetic in mind and every detail counts. The lighting in a kitchen should be able to match with the aesthetics of the existing or intended design. It should also be aesthetically pleasing in its own right, whether that is as something neutral or a statement piece.

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