What I Wish Everyone Knew About Saltwater Fishing in Oakdale, NY

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Saltwater fishing is not for the faint at heart. Fishing in a saltwater environment is usually for experienced anglers. However, there are always newcomers at any given fishing spot. Regardless whether you are casting from the shore or a pier, there are some basic things you should know. Check out these helpful tips to be more successful with saltwater fishing around the Oakdale area.

Use Your Best and Brightest

One very important aspect of saltwater fishing in New York is picking the right lure. Make sure to note that lures used for saltwater fish will differ quite remarkably from those better suited for freshwater species. In a saltwater situation, you want to have the newest and brightest lures possible on the end of your Black Hole rods. Saltwater fish are especially attracted to colorful lures. Nonetheless, don’t go overboard! Only take a select few on your fishing trips. You don’t necessarily need an exhaustive selection to get fish on your line.

Take Care of Your Rod

Everyone knows that saltwater rods, like Black Hole rods, are kind of expensive. You need to look at Black Hole rods like an investment. As such, be sure to protect your investment by giving it a proper cleaning after every outing in Oakdale. It is recommended that you let the rod soak for a few hours after fishing. This will help get rid of all of the harmful saltwater that is lurking in the crevices. Also make sure your line and reel get a good cleaning. By doing so, you can make sure that your rod lasts for years to come.

Get the Right Monofilament

With saltwater fishing in Oakdale, NY, you need to get some really tough monofilament. Saltwater fish have strong lips and jaws that can rip through thin monofilament. Aim for 80 to 100-pound rated line to be prepared for the big fish. Also, try to keep the line as short as possible to get the best leverage.

It’s Not That Hard

Saltwater fishing can be difficult at first, but if you keep learning the ropes it becomes second nature. Be sure to incorporate the knowledge shared above to build a solid base. Catching a big tarpon is in your future!

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