What Exactly Is a Mayhaw?

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Food

So, what exactly is a Mayhaw? Mayhaw is a tree that is indigenous to the southern parts of the United States. These trees grow in the wild and thrive in the wetland environments. The hawthorn berries from the Mayhaw tree are only harvested during the month of May. A Mayhaw tree produces small, berry-sized, tart-to-tasteless fruits that range in hues from yellow to pink to even red. The Mayhaw berries look a lot like small crabapples or cranberries. The berries vary in taste, but are typically tart and fruity. Most people think they are way too tart to eat straight from the tree, which is where the Mayhaw jelly comes in. If you are looking for some of the best Mayhaw jelly in Macon GA then look no further than a well-established general store such as Stripling’s.

The Use of Mayhaw Jelly
Mayhaw jelly is one of the South’s utmost culinary pleasures, whether the jelly is used at breakfast time or otherwise. You can slather the delicious jelly on hot buttered biscuits, bagels, and toast. The jelly makes an amazing condiment served with roasted wild game, turkey chicken, as well as a great substitute to mint jelly when served with lamb. No matter which way you decide to enjoy the tasty goodness, you will find yourself appreciating a truly Southern flavor. Mayhaw jelly is sweet with a hint of puckering tartness that has your taste buds wanting more!

Wild Mayhaw Berries Make the Best Jelly
Wild Mayhaw berries make the best jelly and that is what you get when you purchase Mayhaw jelly in Macon GA. With a delicate flavor that is fruity like a crisp apple, but has the right amount of zing to tickle your tongue, this jelly will soon become one of your favorites. Stripling’s is a well-known general store that offers this jelly not only at their store but also on their website.

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