Veterans Helping Veterans Nationwide With Free Blindness Support Services

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Veterans & Military Organizations

Sadly, many veterans who fought for this wonderful country didn’t die, but many wished they had. Scores of them did come home, but they struggled because they came back different, many with blindness. If the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) had not been there with their Blindness Support Services, blind vets would not have had any freedom in living where they wanted to on their own.

In fact, the BVA is a caring, giving organization. It all started back in 1945 with blind veterans helping blind veterans and it has grown up to the present. This group does it all with donations from loving individuals and their wonderous generosity. BVA does not get any government benefits or support. So they all are very grateful for the free programs.

Additionally, vets have the Veteran Services Program Resource Center to use for the Blindness Support Services. Truly remarkable, there is a toll-free number available to all blind veterans in the United States, and it doesn’t matter where one lives, they can simply call and get the help any blind vet deserves.

Also, spouses of the blind veteran, any kids not of legal age yet and any grandkids are eligible to get a scholarship for higher education, but one must inquire for an application when they call. Moreover, ask about what awards are given out for honoring and recognizing vets. Be sure to ask about all the Blindness Support Services that vets are entitled to.

Anyone that has served in the Armed Forces of the USA is eligible to become a member of BVA if he has an impairment of vision or sight. There are criteria that must be met for impairment before he becomes a member.

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