Unique Things to Do in Seattle, Washington Includes a Fun Hot-Tub Boat Ride

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Business

Some people have a bucket list of things that they want to do before they reach a certain age, and Seattle, Washington is a beautiful and scenic region that offers lots to see and do that is not available in other parts of the country. These unique things to do in Seattle, Washington can include a fun hot tub boat ride over the waters of gorgeous Lake Union.

Surprise Your Beloved with a Different & Romantic Date Night

Perhaps a special anniversary is coming up, and you want to surprise your beloved with a different and romantic date night without having to travel. Consider booking a 2-hour hot tub boat rental for a new and relaxing romantic experience that is not your average water adventure. These lovely boats are equipped with a hot and soothing wood-fired hot tub that seats up to six or can be rented for a party on the water for just two.

See the Stunning Skyline of Scenic Seattle from a Water View

There is just something magical about seeing all the fabulous historic and modern buildings that make up the skyline of stunning Seattle here in the scenic state of Washington. See it all from a water view and imagine floating around in a fun and enjoyable hot tub boat for rent. Snacks, alcoholic beverages, fluffy towels, and Bluetooth speakers will have you cruising in style.

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