Top Reasons to Choose Dog Boarding in NYC

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Pet Care

Many people who go out of town consider leaving their dogs with a friend or family member. No matter how much your niece loves your dog when she visits you for Thanksgiving, taking care of pup 24/7 while you are on holiday or on a work trip is another set of responsibilities and she might not be prepared. When it comes to your dog, it’s not worth taking chances. Here are the top reasons to choose a dog boarding facility near you instead of using your friends and family.

1. Your friends and family are busy. Often, friends and family members agree to take care of your dogs because they feel obligated. They feel guilty and they don’t want to say no. In reality, many of them actually do not have the time, energy, or resources to take care of your pup. They might feel like they got in over their head after a day or two and then your dog could end up being neglected. Save your friends and family members the trouble and find a dog boarding service in NYC.

2. Dog boarding offers 24/7 care, love, and attention. Professional staff at dog boarding facilities like those at NY Tails are trained. They know what your dog needs and when, and they know how to entertain your dog at any time of the day. Feeding your dog the best food, and socializing your dog with other boarders helps your dog have the best possible vacation time!

3. Dog boarding is peace of mind. When you leave your dog with friends or family, you really do not know what might happen. What if your friend has a family emergency and needs to leave town? What if your sister suddenly realizes that your dog is more demanding than she thought? The good thing about dog boarding in NYC is that the facility takes full responsibility for your pet. You will not worry at all about your best friend while you are away because you know that your dog is in good hands.

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