Tips For Planning A Respectful Funeral Home Service Oakland CA

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Cremation Service

There are a lot of decisions to make when preparing end of life plans. Along with choosing between burial and cremation, there is the need to settle on the elements of the Funeral Home Service at Oakland CA. Here are some suggestions that will make the planning process a little easier.

Choosing Music

There are several different ways to approach the music used before, during, and immediately after the service. Make use of several options over the course of the service. For example, most funeral homes have sound systems in their chapels. It is easy enough to prepare a mix of music that will help to set the right mood for the service. Along with popular tunes that the individual loves, it never hurts to use instrumental versions of religious music that has deep meaning.

During the service, those assembled can be invited to sing hymns or other selections that provide comfort and remind loved ones of happy times spent with the departed. The lyrics as well as the tune should invoke thoughts that help those in mourning to honor the person who is no longer present.

When appropriate, having a soloist or a group of friends sing something that the deceased always loved is a wonderful way to pay those last respects. Ending the service with another electronic mix of tunes provides the opportunity for those leading the service and those attending to mingle and say kinds words to one another.

The Eulogy

A eulogy can be delivered in a number of ways. A member of the clergy can lead the way, providing words designed to comfort those who are present. It is also fine to arrange for loved ones to offer a few words at some point in the service. Those who do speak can make use of poetry, sacred writings, or anything that helps to express their esteem for the person who has passed away.

For anyone who is beginning to think about creating an order for a funeral service, talk with the team at The Cathedral of Christ the Light today. With a little help, it will not take long to identify the right elements, arrange them to the satisfaction of the individual, and ensure that loves ones have one less decision to make when the time comes.

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