These Are the Reasons Why Your Cape Coral Sprinkler System Needs Help

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Lawn sprinkler system contractor

Florida homeowners already know how hard it is to keep their lawn watered. Between the hot water and restrictions in certain areas and the extra costs, a flourishing lawn can be hard to attain.

If you want a green lawn but don’t want to deal with extremely high water bills, you might want to look into drip irrigation for your sprinkler systems in Cape Coral. A good irrigation system will contribute to the overall health of your home lawn. You will also get a return on investment when you get an excellent irrigation system.

What Exactly is Drip Irrigation?

It’s an irrigation method that gives water directly to your plants’ roots. This method allows your soil to absorb water for your plants. Drip irrigation systems don’t allow water to get lost through evaporation or runoff. A lower amount of water means that less of it goes to the weeds.

How Does It Work?

Drip irrigation sprinkler systems in Cape Coral use a type of hose called soaker hoses. They put small amounts of water over your entire lawn as opposed to letting all the water leave just one exit point. Once you position this system on the desired spot on your lawn, it gets connected to your home water supply. You can move the hose all over the lawn. You can also leave the hose in one place. More sophisticated versions let water flow through a series of pipes or hoses, which allows water to travel to a certain spot.

The Benefits

Drip irrigation systems conserve a large amount of water. Sometimes these systems can cut down your water costs by about 50 percent! Drip systems will give your lawn the water that it needs to flourish. It can also improve the health of your lawn’s plants because the system doesn’t use large amounts of water.

If your Cape Coral sprinkler system needs help, visit the website of Five Star Irrigation Services, Inc for more information.

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