The Multi-Step Process To Industrial Exterior Painting Services

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Painting

Painting services do not only include painting. There are a number of steps involved in the process that require completion. Industrial Exterior Painting Services is a multi-step process that takes some time to complete.

Step 1: High-Pressure Wash

The first step is to complete a high-pressure wash. This removes all the gunk and grime that is present on the building. A coat of paint should never be applied over an unwashed wall. It simply covers it, rather than removing the problem.

Step 2: Anti-Mildew Treatment and Dry Rot Repair

Paint should not be placed on a building that is rotting and full of mildew. Dry rot repair is required before any paint can be put on. Professional painters will also perform an anti-mildew treatment that prevents mildew from growing in the area.

Step 3: Scraping and Sanding

Once the area is fully washed and treated, scraping and sanding are needed. The scraping removes the old paint from the surface while sanding helps smooth out the area. This helps the new paint stick to the surface better.

Step 4: Caulking and Patching

Any cracks or creases within the walls need caulk added. This helps keep moisture out. There may also be areas that need patching in order to make the surface even and easier to paint. Once these things are complete, any additional repairs should be made.

Step 5: Preparing to Paint

The fifth step includes preparation. This means wood should be primed, windows and light fixtures should be masked, and any nearby landscape and hardscape should be covered. This ensures only the building gets painted, and nothing else.

Step 6: Paint Job

Once all previous steps have been completed, it is finally time for the paint job. This may involve staining wood, or actually adding a coat of paint. Sample spots can be covered to show the business owner what the color will look like before the final job is completed.

Step 7: Clean-Up

Just because the painting is done does not mean the project is over. The crew is responsible for the clean-up. They need to remove the covers and maskings and return the area to its previous state.

Industrial Exterior Painting Services requires a multi-step process. With all steps completed, the building is fully clean, repaired, painted, and looking like new. website details more of the painting process and the other services offered. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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