The Importance of Temperature Control in the Life Sciences Industry

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Business

Temperature control in life sciences is rather important. Much like you enjoy staying a comfortable temperature, the materials that are used in the life sciences industry must stay in temperature-controlled environments for longevity and maintain reactivity or freshness.

Storage solutions within the life sciences industry often rely on

Different Ways of Maintaining Temperature

There are different ways to maintain temperature and there are different levels of temperature control that can be utilized. For example, a room is maintained at a fairly constant temperature by the building’s central air handling system. This is often adequate for pharmaceuticals as you would find in a pharmacy.

On an often smaller scale, refrigerators and freezers are used to maintain cooler temperatures. Cooler temperatures are often used to help attenuate vaporization of chemicals by lowering their vapor pressure or to store live biological materials in a state that keeps them from being active and no longer functional.

Functionality When Maintaining Temperature Control

Often, a freezer or refrigerator is thought of as a tall, stand-alone object that is in the corner of a laboratory somewhere. While this may be the case, there are quite a few additional options. Freezers and refrigerators come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suite the laboratory or industry need. One such example is an under-cabinet laboratory freezer with dual doors which allows for maximized counter space while keeping the materials needed close by.

Other varieties of temperature control units can have glass doors for ease of visibility or solid metal doors for durability. Temperature ranges outside a normal refrigeration or freezer temperature are also available.

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