The History Behind EcoTech Founder Pandwe Gibson

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Business

Ecotech – Pandwe Gibson, New Orleans is well-known as the innovative founder of EcoTech Visions, an incubator and maker space for green businesses located in the Green Corridor area of Miami. As an environmentally-focused company designed to support entrepreneurs in green business start-ups, EcoTech Visions provides a unique and specialized space.

What is EcoTech Visions?

With over 26,000 square feet, Dr. Pandwe Gibson has created a green building space for entrepreneurs to work, thrive, and grow. Featuring solar panels, a vertical garden, and green building practices, this is the ideal location for environmentally-friendly companies in all sectors to plan, develop, prototype, and produce products and services.

The company offers office and manufacturing space as well as a full prototyping lab. The office space allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to have a workspace, a physical address, and also to take advantage of the virtual office program. Technical support, business equipment, and resources, as well as training, are provided. The prototyping lab features a laser cutter and 3D printer, allowing prototypes for marketing, an essential factor in attracting investors and sponsors for businesses.

The Background

Dr. Gibson is not new to innovation and cutting edge thinking. She was a co-founder of ReNEW, the first Charter Management Organization (CMO) in New Orleans. As the director of this CMO, the first in the Southern United States, Dr. Gibson was both a director as well as an administrator of one of the schools.

Initially opened with just 6 schools, by the end of the third year, there were 16 schools in the CMO. The result of the schools working together was an increase in student academic achievement, which was a benefit to the entire community and the schools in the New Orleans area.

Focused on corporate development and growth in the green sectors, Dr. Gibson provides expertise, innovation, and a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs be successful in the South Florida area.

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