The Broad Menu Character of Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Food

The Hispanic population in the United States has grown dramatically over recent decades. These individuals are demographically considered to be those whose families are from Latin America, including South America, Mexico and various islands in the Caribbean. U.S. residents have always enjoyed Mexican food, but the burgeoning Latin population has made hispanic food distribution in Pennsylvania more in demand than ever.

Latin American cuisine is wide-ranging, even though U.S. residents have historically thought of the menus in relatively limited terms. They know the Mexican dishes that most commonly appear on restaurant menus, and they’re familiar with Tex-Mex and southwestern cuisine that has been heavily influenced by the country south of the border. In more recent years, authentic Mexican and other Latin cuisine has become more prevalent in restaurants, introducing people to a wide variety of delicious food. Anyone who previously focused mainly on beef burritos and chicken enchiladas smothered in cheese may be pleasantly surprised to discover many new flavors.

For instance, Hispanic Food Distribution in Pennsylvania provides tortillas, shells and various sauces for an abundance of seafood recipes. Much of Mexico’s population lives along coastlines, and that has greatly influenced the recipes over time. In addition, the country is large and has many types of climates, just as the United States does. That also influences recipes from region to region. The country has a hot, humid climate in the southern tropical zone, and a warm-to-hot dry climate in the arid and desert regions. There also are mountain regions with evergreen forests; some of the peaks have snow all year round.

When someone considers the size and variation of this one country, it becomes clear that categorizing Mexican food to a restrictive menu may be convenient, but not accurate. Adding in dishes that originated in Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru and other countries expands that menu to create a fun, ongoing experience of learning about food. Restaurant owners who want to offer additional variety may want to check out an ingredients supplier such as Best Mexican Foods, where high-quality items can be purchased in bulk or in smaller amounts. Contact us and find out more.

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