The Benefits of Using a Laser Cutting Machine in an Industrial Setting

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Printers

Laser cutting can be used to increase production in an industrial setting. In the industrial world, laser cutting is used for many different applications. Some of the industries that regularly employ laser cutting include automotive, HVAC, packing and shipping, woodworking and electronics. The wide use of laser cutting is primarily due to its versatility. See how you can benefit from incorporating an industrial laser cutting machine into your company’s manufacturing process.

The Many Uses

Regardless of what materials you work with, laser cutting can provide an immediate benefit to your production process. When it comes to manufacturing, laser cutting is known for producing clean lines in a quick efficient manner. There are a few scenarios where laser cutting is especially beneficial. Consider using laser cutting for the following materials:

Abrasive materials

This is just a short list a suitable material for laser cutting. In fact, this process can be applied to almost anything.

The Workings of Laser Cutting

You probably already know how a laser works. In an industrial setting, the high-power laser is put through optics to allow for engraving or cutting. The typical laser machine can create lines, slots, holes and full cuts. Laser cutting is also known for producing smaller holes than any other process.

Laser cutting also does not use dies. This means that you don’t need to keep buying expensive tools to keep up production. It also can be a time-consuming process to change dies in traditional machines. All this waste is eliminated when you switch to a laser machine.

The Different Ways to Laser Cut

There’s more than one way to cut using a laser. The first way is to use laser marking. This is an engraving process that marks the surface to produce a recognizable shape. Laser marking is most often used to create barcodes or serial numbers. It is a much more effective system than using ink.

It is also possible to use laser die cutting. This process can create deep paths along a surface of the metal. In most cases, laser die-cutting is used when pre-programmed designs are necessary.

Another way to use a laser cutting machine is for material ablation. With this process, you can remove material at a preset depth. It is easy to cut as shallow or deep as you need.

Wrapping Up the Benefits

As you can see there are many benefits to using cutting machine. You’ll not only realize savings in tool costs. You will also have total control of each cut. There no reason you shouldn’t be using an industrial laser cutting machine for manufacturing.

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