Take Your Vacation to the Next Level by Staying at a Newport Beach Resort

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Hotel

If you sincerely want to take your next vacation to another level, then you will have to leave the boring old resorts behind. Today, adventure seekers must wander off the beaten path a bit to have a truly original vacation, but it’s well worth it when you see all of the extra perks you get by doing so. For instance, some people are now making the choice to take full advantage of an RV resort in Orange County that offers them amenities they just can’t find anywhere else.

Have a Bed, Bath and Shower on the Bay

How does a cottage right there on the Newport Bay sound? You’ll be right across from the famed Fashion Island, yet you will nonetheless be fully immersed within Newport’s stunning natural scenery. While you will have all of the comforts of home, you will nonetheless only have to take a few steps to get into your kayak. This provides for the perfect setting to have a distinctly Californian vacation. Whether you love to paddleboard, or you just want to go biking around the bay, you will find that an RV resort in Orange County is the best launching pad for these types of activities.

Have a Vacation Like No Other

What really sets a modern RV park apart from the competition though are its unique features, like the floating water park out on the bay. Test your ninja skills trying to outmaneuver your friends and family on challenging water-based obstacle courses. Or, you can just take some time off from the family while you enjoy the delectable seafood cuisine being served up in a back bay grill instead. The choice is yours when vacationing in Newport Beach. To learn more, contact Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort at 949.999.3100.

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