Small Business Owners: How the Right Printer Can Help Design Brochures in NYC, NY

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Printing

The business has grown to the point that a direct mail campaign is in order. Unfortunately, the owner has no idea of how to come up with a design for Brochures in NYC NY that will catch the eye and highlight what the business has to offer. One approach is to work with one of the local printers to come up with a brochure design that’s a great mailing piece as well as something to display by the register. Here is how the right printer can help.

Discussing Size and Style

Since the printer has created quite a few Brochures in NYC NY, it will be easy to pull out some samples and discuss the merits of each one. Some of them will fit easily into a standard business envelope. As the printer will point out, a simple bifold or trifold brochure on glossy paper provides plenty of room to get the essentials across to the reader. The fact that the mailing will cost less per piece versus sending out magazine style mailings is also a major plus.

Arranging the Text

With a brochure, the idea is to convey information in a way that allows the reader to quickly scan and find whatever information is of interest. To that end, the printer can explain how to use fonts, bullet lists, and other strategies to make the brochure text more user-friendly. Instead of walls of text, breaking it up with sub-headers and lists will improve the odds that recipients will read the brochures from start to finish.

Choosing Images for the Brochure

With a limited budget, the business owner may think that images are not an option. In fact, there are a number of images available that do not require any type of attribution and are free for use. An experienced printer knows where to find images that cost nothing and can be used freely for commercial purposes.

Why put off that direct mail campaign any longer? Talk with the professionals at Printing Express and start working on the layout, the visuals, and the text. With a little time and effort, it will be easy to come up with the right combination and have a brochure that is sure to attract the right type of attention.

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