Signs That the Time Has Come for Duct Cleaning in Waterloo, IA

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Business

While the homeowner is diligent in having the main heating and cooling unit checked each year, the same cannot be said for the duct system. The fact is that the ducts do need some attention from time to time, including a good cleaning. Here are some of the signs that the time has come to call a professional and arrange for Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA.

Mold Around the Duct Covers

One of the visible signs the need for a thorough Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA, exists is tiny amounts of dark mold around the duct covers. Rest assured that if the problem has gotten to the point that the covers are sporting a little mold, things are much worse in the ducts. Fortunately, it will not take long to flush the ducts and get rid of whatever contaminants are in the system.

Recent Pest Infestation

It was only a short time ago that the homeowner found that the house was infested with mice. Along with replacing the insulation, it makes sense to have someone come in and clean the ducts. This is because rodents and other pests have a way of getting into the duct system and leaving behind droppings. There could also be a carcass or two decomposing in the ducts. Having the system cleaned will get rid of any lingering traces of the infestation and create a healthier environment in the home.

When Was the System Cleaned Last?

Even if there does not appear to be any problem, think back and try to remember when the system was last cleaned. If it has been more than three years, there is no time to waste. Call a professional today and arrange for the ducts to be cleaned. Doing so will likely mean getting rid of that stale odor that seems to linger in the house even when everything has been laundered, steam cleaned, and dusted.

For homeowners who are ready to have the duct systems in their homes cleaned, visit Iowa Fire Control and arrange for a professional to take a look. In most cases, the cleaning will not take more than an hour or two, and the results are worth every penny.

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