Sally Hazelgrove and a New Way Forward

by | May 27, 2020 | Youth Club

Founded by Sally Hazelgrove, the Crushers Club is one of the most innovative programs in the area. It is an opportunity for young people to come together to help each other and to foster a new sense of strength in the community. The program is founded on boxing training, a sensible, but specific method of learning designed to help individuals to do much more than box.

What Are the Foundations of the Program?

When it comes to creating respect and discipline, the Crushers Club has done an exceptional job at this since the founding by Sally Hazelgrove. The initial goal is to help children to learn discipline. They need to learn how to build core strength and follow technique. This is what helps them to perform well.

Along the way, kids also learn about respect, not just for those who are around them, but also for themselves. As a result, kids can learn how to make better choices for themselves, overstepping the risks of peer pressure. They also take ownership in their future, something that is critically important in the community today. Children like this are not just following a path, they are creating their own path forward by the actions they take.

Take the First Step Towards Healing By Calling Us

When it comes to creating a new path forward through the programs created by Sally Hazelgrove and Crushers Club, individuals can embrace change. Learn more about our program and how it is helping so many children to find the right way forward.

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