Restaurant Quality Seafood at Home?

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Food

If you love seafood, but not paying top restaurant dollars, Boston seafood distributors can ride to the rescue in time for a delicious fresh-off-the-dock winter weekend dinner. The seafood you buy at the store might be “fresh-frozen” or thawed, but for the best taste, you need to buy the way that the best east coast restaurants and specialty markets do it. Purchase from the best Boston seafood distributors who get the goods on ice right from the ship at the Boston Seaport.

Using Seafood

Fresh seafood has a subtle flavor that makes the dish, coupled with expert cooking; it’s a gustatory experience that’s tough to beat. Whether it is steamed lobster, shrimp scampi, a classic sole almandine, or a robust fisherman’s stew or chowder, the fresher the ingredients, the better the dish. It’s important to use fish and seafood within a couple of days, or freeze it properly so that it won’t get freezer burn. Depending on the type, raw seafood can stay frozen for up to six months.


Seafood is more popular than ever, but at the same time, certain stocks are under stress from overfishing and pollution. Buying consciously from sustainable and healthy fisheries means that you’re helping to maintain a healthy ecological balance within those species. You can have delicious seafood and peace of mind.

From Dock to Door: A Better Way to Buy

The process of getting seafood from the dock to the store, has a lot of steps that add to the price of fish and seafood. Budget-conscious buyers can purchase from the dock to door as a way to make the most of their money and have the delicious seafood that they crave. Dealing directly with Boston seafood distributors can make it happen – because every life needs a little more lobster in it.

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