Qualities Businesses Look for in an Answering Service in Columbia MO

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Call Center

A business owner or manager that wants to hire an Answering Service in Columbia MO prefers a company whose employees exude professionalism. The most basic attributes include a solid command of the English language, an excellent ability to communicate with a variety of people, and the ability to stay calm under pressure and when dealing with angry customers. It can help to learn which qualities a company requires when recruiting candidates for answering service and call center positions.

Many people think working for an Answering Service in Columbia MO is really easy, but that’s not always the case. It takes a high-energy person with a positive attitude, friendly demeanor and patient personality to handle busy phone lines for even a half-time shift. Companies rely on these services to provide representation outside of regular business hours, and that representation can be essential for retaining customers and acquiring new clients. Sometimes the answering service is the first impression a person receives.

Companies need a service such as Business Centers of Missouri, Inc. for a range of tasks. The workers must follow company guidelines while also being proactive in helping callers. That can be a challenging blend of job duties. If they handle calls for more than one company, they must be organized enough to follow varying guidelines from different businesses. For instance, one retailer selling products online may have a policy of automatically replacing any damaged goods, even if the problem wasn’t the retailer’s fault. Another company may offer future discounts or a partial refund instead.

Some call centers concentrate primarily on taking orders by phone and have a smaller team handling customer service issues. Many businesses like the answering service workers to do a little upselling when that’s possible. This means asking customers whether they might like to add another product to their order or an additional service to their existing package. It takes some confidence to make these subtle pitches, and the workers must not be bothered by rejections. A bit of success in these endeavors can make a significant difference in revenue for the company.

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