Precast Restoration Purpose And Process

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Business

Precast restoration is a process that many companies are adopting to create and produce components for buildings that mimic the original, but are more durable. It is a rigorous technique that demands the expertise of masons and other skilled professionals to be successful.

Precast Restoration: More than a Construction Project

The very nature of precast restoration indicates it is more than a simple construction project. In fact, the process involves precision work in several areas. Depending upon the specifics of the project, those involved will have to:

* Remove each part – The material can be brick, stone, terra cotta, concrete or similar material.
* Measure those that require replacement: This must be specific. It must also take into consideration any existing flaws or damages that will require readdressing during restoration. Deteriorated components, features or segments may complicate the actual measurement.
* Note the placement of each component – In older and historic structures, this is essential. Each part may differ slightly, requiring the duplicate, precast part to be placed in the identical section.
* Create a shop drawing of both the individual parts and the sections – This provides the future template for duplication.

Such things as damages, lost pieces and incomplete structures can easily complicate the process, making it a challenge even for the most skilled restoration company.

Only after the adoption and implementation of these measures can the recreation of the required segments or parts be started. In the end, these exacting methods will help ensure the precast restoration of a structure will be a success. At Soumar Masonry Restoration, we are aware of the issues and can adjust accordingly.

Precast Restoration: Better than Before

The purpose of precast restoration is more than singular. It must go beyond mimicking the parts, segments or features of the original structure. It should do more than rejuvenate the façade. Its intent, because of the current technological advancements in pre-casting materials and techniques, is to improve the structure. While reviving the façade, it also increases the ability of the structure or parts to withstand weather elements. Plus, it improves the durability and longevity of the structure.

Precast Restoration

Restoring older and historic structures is rarely simple. Using precast items to replace the originals is an excellent means of restoring a structure to its original glory. Yet, not every masonry or restoration company is capable of doing this job. Such complex projects require the specialized talents of companies like Soumar Masonry Restoration. Only then can the client be assured that the precast restoration can be undertaken successfully. You can also like them on Facebook.

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