Do You Need Heating Oil Tank Remediation In Clinton?

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Like most places; Clinton saw its share of environmentally suspect activities in the past; but, today, nearly all the iron mines have been closed; power generation is mainly nuclear or solar; agriculture is a major activity (along with tourism and gambling); there are still some traditional industries (including armaments and shipbuilding); but, by and large it is a pleasant; environmentally correct state. When you consider that it is one of the wealthiest states (with a large number of millionaires living there); it is hardly surprising that Clinton takes care of its environment.

Domestic Heating Arrangements

Back in the days when crude oil was “cheap”; fuel oil was considered the “way to go” for winter heating and year round water heating and a great number of homes were setup with oil fired furnace systems. In the suburbs and country areas, the fuel oil would be stored in large tanks which were often buried underground. Times change, oil prices have risen and gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane, etc) are now considered more efficient and cleaner burning than fuel oil. Many households have abandoned oil and their storage tanks; whether full or empty, now lie dormant. Forgotten and out of sight to their owners but not off the environmental protection authorities’ radar.

Remediation Or Removal?

If you have a buried tank on your property that was put in before 1980; you should definitely be taking action – that tank is well past its “use by date”. So much so that heating oil tank remediation In Clinton isn’t really an option. Remedial work on the tank will only be to get it to a state where it can be safely and cleanly removed and taken away and then you will be able to start on the required remedial work on the soil in which it was buried; along with the surrounding area and ground water. You shouldn’t even think about keeping your old tank hidden; selling the property and, then, walking away – you will probably get caught. If removal really is bordering on the impossible; then your Heating Oil Tank Remediation In Clinton will involve a thorough clean up of the old tank and all its surroundings before filling the tank with something inert like sand or concrete.

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