Narrowing Down Choices for Replacement Windows: Tips for Kent Homeowners

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Window

Replacing the windows in an older home often serves more than one purpose. While often the windows are replaced due to damage of the timbers in window frames and casings, they can also be a source of inefficiency, allowing cold air into the home in the winter and letting cool air escape in the summer months.

Today, homeowners in Kent have several options in replacement windows. Understanding each type of window and determining if it meets conservation regulations in the area as well as adds to the aesthetics of the home is always a critical aspect of making a choice. Working with a top window company familiar with the conservation laws as well as with the styles and options in windows makes your selection process much easier.

Traditional Wood

It is possible to choose replacement windows that are very traditional in the way they look and in their materials. Authentic sash and casement windows manufactured from timber are classic for any home.

These windows feature the latest in technology in addition to their classic style. The timber is treated with chemicals and specially formulated primers and paints to create a durable, highly weatherproof surface that lasts for decades. Adding glazed windows and specialized seals create high levels of energy efficiency.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium replacement windows can mirror the look of traditional casement styles of windows. They can be installed directly into the existing timber sub-frames in the home or into brick or stone.

These windows, regardless of the style selected, are highly efficient and virtually maintenance free. They will also last for a lifetime without any need to repaint in the future, as will be required with the natural wood windows.

Comparing the options and considering the styles, colors, and features of different windows allow Kent homeowners to see the possibilities. A top company to work with is The Window Sanctuary, and a visit to their showroom provides homeowners with a range of window replacement options.

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