Should You Move To Bare Metal Server Hosting?

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Business

There are many reasons or advantages in using bare metal servers. Not all companies will need to go this route and some may prefer virtualization for their applications. In this case, the bare metal server hosting may not be the best choice.

The case for one or the other boils down to having a good understanding of what you require and what your demands are for the server. The names provide a good indication with bare metal servers offering a true physical server that is dedicated to the user. Cloud servers and hosting programs may be multi-user for the same server or they can single users. Typically Cloud servers will be managed.

Different bare metal server hosting programs may offer both a managed and unmanaged option. The managed server allows you to have all the benefits of owning, configuring and using the server without anyone else possibly impacting performance, just without all the maintenance requirements.

Of course, the physical server itself, with regards to the hardware, is maintained by the bare metal server hosting company. Top companies continually upgrade their systems and maintain the servers in optimal conditions for above industry standard uptimes.


For a smaller company that is planning an expansion, a good option may be a virtual server. This can be fully scalable and allow for expansion and growth without the cost of a full bare metal server plan.

Then, once the company has reached the level of high performance needs for computing power, switching within the hosting service to a bare metal server dedicated to your business becomes a logical next step.

In some instances, where there are highly specialized computing needs for a company, a bare metal server may be the best option even for a small company. Considering the options, your budget and the need for full control over the server infrastructure will be the critical decision points for most businesses.

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