Make Sure to Shear Mix the Right Way

by | May 16, 2019 | Laboratory Equipment Distributor

Every lab or industrial site can benefit from having an overhead stirrer. These are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available. However, for all they can do, you can actually hinder the process by using them improperly. If you fail to maintain a stirrer as recommended, you are also doing unwanted damage. Find out how to properly use a Caframo overhead stirrer so that it can continue to serve your needs.

Make Sure You Need a Stirrer

Stirrers can be used for different things, but there are some jobs they are not suited for. Due to this, make sure you really need a stirrer for your type of application. In some cases, a stirrer can have problems when you are mixing high viscosity materials. This activity could cause the stirrer to over-strain. If done on a repeated basis, it could lower the life expectancy of your Caframo overhead stirrer. Make sure you stirrer has functions to reduce power when torque increases. This will help with wear and tear.

Proper Set-Up

You have to set up your stirrer correctly to allow it to work. Most of these pieces are hooked onto a bench or stand. This keeps the machine stationary when it is active. Yet, it is important to make sure that the stirrer is securely attached during every use. Stirrers vibrate during each cycle. This can cause the body of the stirrer to move slightly, or to loosen the attachment bolts. Be safe and check it regularly.

Check the Impeller

Another thing to pay attention to is the impeller. When getting ready to use the device, be sure to lock in this piece. You want to make sure that the main shaft is centered in the container. If you don’t it could affect the ability of the jaws to close shut. An improperly placed impeller can also break any container in use. This will cause you solution to leak all over. Be sure the stirrer chuck has the impeller locked tightly in place before use.

Be Clean

The last step is to make sure your unit is always clean. This will go a long way in keeping it functioning for years. It will also make it safe to use on a daily basis.

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