Living On or Off Base – Which one is right for you?

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Business

Being in the military can be stressful enough without having to try to decide whether to live on or off base. Both options have their pros and cons, so your decision shouldn’t be made without careful consideration. Whether you’re looking at military housing in San Diego area, or housing on base, here are some of the pros and cons to consider:

On-Base Housing


When you live on base, you are close to your work, where you can respond to emergencies and other important matters immediately.

Living in base can be a cheaper option


There can be a long waiting list to get something on base; sometimes the wait can be more than a year

It can be difficult to separate your personal and work life when you live on base. This can make it extremely difficult for both you and your family
You don’t always get a choice in which accommodations you get. Likely, you will have to choose whatever is currently available.

Military Housing in San Diego


When you live off base, you can separate your military career from your personal life. It can be a better option for those who have a spouse and children.

You can choose furnished housing, which makes it much easier when and if you get stationed elsewhere. You don’t have to worry about moving costs. Everything is provided for you, right down to the glasses and cutlery.


Living off base can be a more expensive option

Sometimes, living off-post means living in a less-than-desirable neighborhood; this can be avoided by doing your homework and choosing a home in a safe area.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and considered your options, you can make a more informed choice of whether to choose on base or off base housing. Do your homework and talk to others who have been in your situation for further advice.

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