Which Life Insurance Policy Should You Choose?

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Insurance

If you have never purchased life insurance before but you know that you need it, it will help to know which policy to select. The right life insurance policy will allow you to continue to provide for your family even long after you are gone. Their financial need will remain the same even if you aren’t there to provide them. This is why sufficient forethought is vital so your family can continue to maintain their same lifestyle over the long run.

The Types of Life Insurance

There are three different types of life insurance which you can select from. These include whole, term, and universal life insurance. These aren’t the only options when it comes to life insurance since it is even possible to create hybrid policies. However these policy options constitute the basic options which are available to select from. By consulting with a life insurance specialist, you can go over your options in detail. This will allow you to select from all of the available life insurance policies.

Term Life Insurance – When you need life insurance protection for a specified amount of time, you can consider term life insurance. These types of life insurance policies protect your family if you were to pass away. You can choose anything from a one year time period to a 20 year renewable time period. These policies are usually much more affordable than other options and can sometimes be converted to permanent policies.

Whole Life Insurance – Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance policies are available for the life of the policy and not just a set number of years. These types of policies can also be used as an investment vehicle because over time, their cash value increases.

Whether you choose term life insurance, universal, or whole life insurance, you are sure to find just the right policy to help your family when you need it most.

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