Kiran Nagindas Vora Supports Cancer Detects – The Value of Early Detection

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Business

Did you know more than ten million people in India use tobacco? As a result, there is an epidemic of smoking-related diseases like cancer. In fact, smoking can cause many types of cancer, and thanks to the efforts of people like Kiran Vora, many people are taking advantage of cancer detects which can save lives.

Oral Cancer

Recently, a Rotary Club with people like Kiran Vora behind it, sponsored a free cancer detect for over one-hundred women. More than one-hundred policemen were checked for signs of mouth cancer too. Many in law enforcement use chewing tobacco, and although they may not smoke, they are still exposed to hazardous compounds. In fact, over one-fourth of the one-hundred police checked needed additional check-ups due to symptoms which could be cancerous.

Lung Cancer

Cancer of the lung is by far the most common cancer caused by smoking. There may be no symptoms for a very long time. In fact, many lung cancer patients are not diagnosed until it is in stage 4 and almost impossible to cure. Cancer detect procedures like a chest x-ray and exam may save many lives.

Colon Cancer

Smoking raises your risk of developing colon cancer. There are ways you can check for early signs of colon cancer. Some tests involve stool samples which check for blood.

Breast Cancer

Smoking and other issues can contribute to breast cancer. Tests which check for breast abnormalities can catch breast cancer before it grows and spreads. Early detection can make the difference between living and dying.

Early Detection is the Best Treatment

Instead of waiting until you think something is wrong, why not get a cancer detect soon? Check with local medical centers and organizations offering free screenings. If you wait very long, it could be too late, and you may have to suffer needlessly.

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