Keep Your Child’s Clothes Safe and Secure With Labels

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Labels

Going to camp is usually a fun activity for children of all ages. They get to meet new people, play games, make crafts, and have fun outdoors. Keeping up with clothing can sometimes be difficult while away at camp, especially for younger children who might not be accustomed to being away from home. Here are a few ideas for labeling your child’s clothing so that it’s not accidentally taken by someone else and so that it gets back to your home if it’s lost at camp.

A laundry marker is perhaps the least expensive option for kids’ clothing labels for camp. You can get different colors and can usually write on any type of fabric. The ink from the marker can last through quite a few washes before you need to re-label your child’s clothing.

A fun option for labeling clothes for your child to take to camp is to use a patch. Your child can choose a cartoon character, a fun design, or the letters for their initials. The patches can be sewn on the clothes so that others know who they belong to or ironed onto the clothes so that it’s easier to remove them later.

If you want to use something that’s a little more permanent than a marker, then consider laundry stamps. These come in all sizes and colors and can be used on a variety of fabrics. Some stamps can be customized so that the design of kids clothing labels for camp is fun to look at and stands out from images other children might have.

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