Invite the Right College Motivational Speakers for an Inspiring Event

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Business

Send a Clear Message: Invite the Right College Motivational Speakers to Your Event

For college students preparing to go out into the real world, it is important to hear inspirational words that will push them to make the most out of their potential. You can provide avenues to motivate students by staging events that feature motivational speakers that will inspire them and allow them to imagine what they can become.

Celebrities like Oprah, Emma Watson, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle and Barack Obama, and more, are known for guesting (not sure what guesting is) at school events as college motivational speakers to impart words of wisdom. That said, choices are vast and varied, and need not be limited to famous personalities. Kids (I always prefer to say STUDENTS) may find it even more inspiring to have real-life speakers who have managed to overcome the odds in their own lives like Summer Owens.

Plan Your Event

Before booking anyone to guest (weird wording) as a motivational speaker, determine the objective of your event. Do you want it to be a thought-provoking solo presentation like a TEDTalk, or would you rather have an engaging panel discussion or open forum punctuated by a compelling speech? Identifying the format is also crucial to the next step.

Set Budget and Timeline

If the event will be hosted within school grounds, you would have already saved on facilities. What you have to prepare for, then, is the guest speaker’s cost of appearance. If the speaker needs to travel long distances, make sure to take care of their travel accommodations and lodging, on top of the talent fee. You also have to consider any special requirements, like accessibility equipment and tools. As with anything else in event-planning, your budget dictates your access to the resources you want.

Vet Your Guest

The most important step in choosing your guest is vetting them. Identify the message you ultimately want the audience–your students–to take away from the event. From this, find someone who can elevate that particular topic through their professional achievements or life experiences. What is it about this person that you think can be inspirational or motivational to your students? How well is their stage presence, and how relevant is their speech to your agenda?

Checking Their Schedule

Send your invitation to your preferred guest at the earliest time possible. That way, there’s time to adjust the schedule if your event conflicts with another commitment they have. Once you secure your guest speaker’s attendance, the only thing left to do is make sure the audience gets their invitation to the event and show up. Once you find someone who can fit in all these requirements you’ve set, then you can start refining the details to make sure your event goes off flawlessly.

Booking a Motivational Speaker

Setting the newest batch of your school’s graduates off into the world is a fantastic feeling and an impressive achievement for both school and student. Cap off this memorable occasion with a speech that will get everyone pumped and ready for the next phase in their lives with the help of college and high school motivational speaker Summer Owens.

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