Insights for a Successful Trade Show Event

by | Jan 23, 2019 | business services

A successful trade show doesn’t happen by accident. If you are looking for a few trade show event planning tips, here are a few insights you’ll find helpful.

Book a hotel in advance

Get hotel rooms in advance, Forbes says. We recommend booking them about 4 to 6 weeks from the show date. Booking your rooms in advance will allow you to choose the closest location to your event without having to pay more. By not selecting your hotel in advance, you may have to settle for a further hotel from the show, which will cost you more time and money.

Pick the right team

Choose your booth staff carefully. The right staff will know how to respond to inquiries and encourage attendants by being friendly and informative as well as draw them to the booth. Make sure they have a pre-event training on the proper dress code, the booth hours, the venue, and more.

Choose a display provider

Your exhibit is a huge part of your booth. Make sure you get the displays right by choosing a established exhibit builder. That’s one part of your to-do list that you shouldn’t miss. Some display providers even offer trade show event planning assistance.

Package properly

If you’re having the booths shipped over, make sure you have your company’s logo spray painted on the outside of the black case of every boot equipment you use. That or label the case if you’re renting one out, that way you won’t need to worry about any of your booth pieces missing.

Put together a kit

This kit should have all the necessary office supplies for the booth. You’ll want to allot some space in the kit for a bit of the essentials like stain pens, mints, lotion, finger clippers, allergy medication and more.

Ensure success from day one. Put these practice to good use so you can get better ROI from the trade show.

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