Inflatable Water Toys Bring Fun to People of All Ages On and Off Shore

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Water Sport

Whether out bobbing on the water, or just laying right out there on the shoreline or in the yard, inflatable water toys can be great fun for people of all ages.

While those heartier souls are out there bouncing around and over the waves on one of those beautiful new water inflatables, and others are slowly drifting down the river in their river float tubes, the kids and the younger at heart can spend a most enjoyable time of their own. The real fun can happen right here, as the group lines up at the Mega Slide Giant Backyard Water Slide. The real game commences when the Water Slide Bowling Pins are set up at the end of the slide “alley”.

There really seems to be a lot of sliding going on as the line to the Super Slide Giant 25ft. Water Slide begins to assemble, with riders happily handling their Super Slide Sleds, ready for their turn.

Over in the big pool, plenty of people are enjoying their inflatables. Two are making their way around the pool’s perimeter in the Aqua Treadmill. They are careful to avoid the Slide N Smile 2 Lane Floating Water Slide. One person deftly handles her balance on the Water Pickle Inflatable Pool Noodle as she plays a game of Travel Pong in the shallow end.

And in the other corner of the pool, a small party has assembled around the WOW-SOUND Cooler and the Float Fridge 30-pack Cooler.

To check out all these fun inflatable water toys, and so much more, check out WOW Sports LLC.

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