Important Qualifications to Look for in Local NJ Sprinkler System Installers

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Fire and Security

A fire sprinkler system can be a major asset in the protection and safety of your building. When you have decided to install a new or replacement system, you want to hand off the job to people who are specifically trained for it.

Before you hire any of the local fire sprinkler contractors around NJ, however, you need to know what qualifications to consider. These skills are vital in ensuring that your system is installed correctly and will work as it is designed.

Knowledge of Fire Safety

The ideal fire sprinkler contractors around NJ will have extensive knowledge about how to keep a building safe from fire. You want your contractors to know where in the building that the system should be installed. You also want them to identify areas of the place that could compromise the system’s proper function.

Many of these contractors have backgrounds in liability and risk assessment and understand what it takes to prevent fires from spreading uncontrolled throughout a building. Others have experience in firefighting or emergency response and can appreciate the devastation that fire and smoke can cause to the premises.

Experience With Installation

You also want your contractors to have experience with installing these systems. They need to have worked on buildings similar to yours in size and layout. They also have to know how to use all of the equipment and tools needed to get the system installed securely.

You can ask the contractors for proof of their credentials as well as a list of referrals that you can check prior to hiring them. The state requires that contractors like these be bonded and licensed. It also requires them to be registered with the attorney general’s office.

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