How to Make the Most Out of Driveway Caulking

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Expansion Joint Repair

Your driveway is an essential part of your home. It’s where your car passes when you drive in and out of your garage. That said, maintaining it will also mean maintenance not just for your driveway, but maintaining the overall safety of your car as well, and even that of your entire home.

How Does Driveway Damage Happen?

Where does driveway damage come from? It can start forming in the cracks in the wooden slabs between the concrete. These cracks develop during extreme weather conditions of hot and cold. During exposure to such extreme weather conditions the concrete expands and causes damage both to the concrete and the slab. However, this isn’t just a seasonal thing. It can also happen when you wash your car. Water moves through the cracks and erodes the soil underneath the concrete. The soil then settles and causes the concrete to crack.

So what exactly is the solution to maintaining a good driveway? The answer is using driveway caulking expansion joints. Driveway caulking expansion joints are expansion joints which replace the wooden slab between the concrete of your driveway and prevents cracking. It expands during extreme weather conditions, and doesn’t crack under pressure so easily. This helps maintain your driveway’s appearance and helps avoid any unwanted accidents from happening.

That said, what are the steps in securing your driveway? Here are a two of them:

Driveway Caulking

Clean out the crack first. You may first use a screwdriver to loosen the dirt and the remnants of the old caulking. Scrub the crack with a stiff wire brush to finish breaking apart loose material. Sweep it clean with a whisk broom to ensure that no material is left in the crack.

Installing Expansion Joints

Once you’re through, you may now install the new expansion joints by pouring it in between the cracks. This will be enough eventually to keep the concrete in place and prevent cracking in the future.

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